Marine Surveyors of North Georgia has custom built a device to connect to all three shore power connections for every vessel. The company has named the product Stray Current Sensor. The sensor is a mobile device installed between the dock power pedestal and the vessel shore power cord. The three shore power connections are the 30 amp 125 volt, 50 amp 125 volt and 50 amp 250 volt sensors.

The sensor tool trouble shoots the source of alternate current electrical leakage in any vessel without shutting the power off to so users can determine potential electrical problems. By manually turning breakers on and off users can locate problems immediately. The sensor is designed to help pinpoint problems with:

  • Older vessels
  • Renovated vessels with new wiring and appliances
  • Vessels with an extremely high electric bill
  • Episodes of electric shock when touching something metal onboard
  • Episodes of “tingling” in the water when swimming near a boat.

Michael Griffin, owner of Marine Surveyors of North Georgia, has been surveying for 20 years and built the sensor two years ago. He now uses it on every boat he surveys and says he has found some type of stray current in at least 20 percent of them. More importantly, he says, most of the stray currents are above one amp, which he says is considered threat to life and property. Griffin’s company will rent, install and and instruct boat owners how to operate the device.

AC electricity in “fresh water” can kill, Griffin says. Swimming near any vessel that has shore power connected to it is hazardous either at a private residence or at a marina. “The ‘No Swimming’ signs at marinas are there for a reason,” he says.

Griffin is a member of the National Fire Protection Agency and the American Boat and Yacht Council (Certified Technician).

If you have any questions or would like your vessel tested for AC electrical stray current call Griffin at (678) 977-8844. You can also review the Stray Current Sensor Testing section at to better understand how the sensor works and is installed.

Posted online 3/31/14