Insurance Claim Damage Assessment

A damage assessment survey is often called for by insurance companies after a boating accident, boat fire, sinking or other event damages your boat.  Municipalities also request hull damage assessments when personal injury or property damage is involved in a boat collision or other type of accident.  In some cases, owners hire us to inspect their damaged boat to get a second opinion over the adjuster assigned by the insurance company.

Damage is often hidden, and it takes a thorough surveyor to find it.  If a boat strikes an object or runs hard aground, not only is the bottom at risk, but the energy transferred to the boat’s structure may break the boat’s stringers, bulkheads and transom.  We have also seen cases where impact damage didn’t look all that bad from the outside  but inside the boat, bulkheads were shattered.  It takes a trained and experienced eye to know where to look, and the time and patience to gain access to areas that may be hidden by cabinetry, bunks, etc.


$65.00 per hour plus .50 per mile for travel time w/no mileage limit.  The amount of time necessary will vary based on the location and severity of damage to the vessel.  Give us a all to discuss your individual situation and we’ll do our best to give you an idea of how long we feel the inspection and documentation process will take.


Marine Surveyors of North Georgia will prepare a narrative type survey including:

  • All findings
  • Repair worksheet
  • ACV computation
  • Photos of damages
  • Other attachments such as:
    • Police reports
    • Owner or Witness reports
    • Repair Estimates