Pre Purchase Boat Survey

A Pre-Purchase boat survey is the most thorough type of survey we perform for our customers.  Its purpose is to surface the true and complete condition of the vessel before a buyer makes the big decision of purchasing the vessel. Boat repairs are expensive in general, and the hidden problems tend the be the most expensive of the lot.  Buying a boat without a mechanical survey is a dangerous gamble.

A Pre-Purchase survey is often confused with a “Condition and Value Survey” but they are not the same. A Pre-Purchase survey involves a much more thorough examination of the boat’s mechanical systems.  Engines, generators, electrical, fuel and hydraulic systems are inspected, operated and a detailed repair list of any damages found. Repair list is itemized and typed as a matter of importance. Sea Trials or water testing can be performed for an additional cost.

Mechanical Inspection:

We operate everything on board starting at the bow working our way aft through the vessel thoroughly creating a repair list of any issues discovered.

  • Mechanical testing of all AC and DC accessories, appliances and navigational equipment.
  • Compression testing engines (gasoline engines only)
  • Load test batteries
  • Oil Analysis (if requested, and involves additional cost)
  • Check of all all fluid levels
  • Running and shifting the engines and transmissions or outdrives
  • Visual inspection for signs of freeze damage, overheating, leaks etc…
  •  The generator is started, cycle tested with and without a full load to ensure the generator is working properly,  pumping adequate cooling water and proper RPM/electrical cycles are being produced. We are also looking for leaks in the oil, fuel, water and exhaust systems as well as signs of freeze damage or overheating.
  • Diagnostic Scan
    • If the engine is fuel injected we have the electronic scan tool that will show any fault codes and true engine hours that are stored in the electronic control module. This tool is compatible with Mercruiser, Crusader, Volvo Penta, Flagship, Indmar and Mercury outboards. Make, model, serial numbers and horse power of the engines are documented.

Water Testing

  • Water Testing is performed with the surveyor on board and captain, broker or seller operating the boat.  You are responsible for arranging for a captain.  We can refer you to local USCG Licensed captains if so desired.
  • Vessel is operated with the engine room hatch up, computer attached to the engines if fuel injected and the surveyor analyzing the computer readings compared to the vessel’s instrumentation.
  • Document cruising and wide open throttle rpm, mph and gph.
  • Fuel economy can be very important decision point, especially with larger cruisers with twin engines.


$1,000.00 Hull and systems survey including mechanical inspection for two engines, one generator on boats up to 60′.

$750.00 Hull and systems survey including mechanical inspection for two engines and one generator on boats up to 50’.

$500.00 Hull and systems survey including mechanical inspection for two engines and one generator on boats up to 40’.

$300.00 Hull and systems survey including mechanical inspection for one engine and one generator (smaller cruisers)

$100.00 Sea Trial / Water Testing of boats with twin engines.

$75.00 Sea Trial / Water Testing of boats with single engines.


A detailed survey report and repair list with items required to be repaired for safe commissioning and use of the vessel listed as items of importance.  This list is often used for initial estimates for repairs and/or final negotiations with the seller.