The smart buyer will have a survey done before buying a yacht

Pre-Purchase Surveys are the most thorough and complete type of boat evaluation we provide.  Not only do we rate the overall condition and value of the vessel, but we dig deep into the boat’s systems, evaluating AC and DC electrical systems, plumbing, mechanical and electronics.  This type of survey provides a detailed inventory of all equipment as well as the working status of each component.  Every button, switch and knob is tested to identify whether or not it functions as it should.  Hoses, belts, pumps, AC systems are all tested.  The deliverable from this effort is a detailed report and list of items that should be addressed by the current owner, or the purchaser.  If the list is long, or has a few expensive items on it, this document is often used as a negotiating tool as it offers the prospective buyer insight into the boat’s condition that he/she would otherwise not have.  In some cases, it’s a “walk-away” document, if the result surfaces major issues in the structure of the vessel or major systems.